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Quality Knives Made In The USA

QKS - About Us

 Quality Knife Sharpeners is located near the town of Mt.Ida, Arkansas in the heart of the Ouachita National Forest. The natural sharpening stones that we offer come from the mountains in this area. Ouachita (wash'ita) is the French spelling of an Native American word that means 'good hunting grounds.' Arkansas whetstones have been used for many years to provide an excellent edge on Hunting Knives as well as pocket knives and kitchen cutlery.
 The Soft Arkansas (medium) is the best general purpose stone, and it will achieve a sharp edge.

 The Hard Arkansas (fine) achieves a higher level of sharpening, and begins to provide a razor edge.

 The Black Arkansas and the Translucent Arkansas (Xtra-Fine) are finishing stones that will polish and razor out your blade to the highest level, providing a razor edge that will last the longest.

 The Silicon Carbide (coarse) is a man made stone. It is used to begin the sharpening process on dull knives. If you have a nicked blade or a broken tip you can restore your blade to its original shape quickly with this aggressive stone. Then use the Natural Arkansas Stones to achieve the sharpest edge possible. Natural Arkansas Stones are "The Worlds Finest Knife Sharpeners" because they achieve a sharp edge without removing excessive amounts of metal from your fine cutlery and quality knives.

 For hunting knives & general purpose use, we recommend using a Tri-Hon along with a Black Hard Arkansas or Translucent Arkansas stone in the cedar box. 6" to 12" are the best sizes. This gives you the fullest range of sharpening from course to Xtra-fine. The pocket stones in leatheer pouch are excellent for touch ups when in the field or while in camp. They are small, light weight, and easy to carry.

 For kitchen use we recommend the stones in the cedar boxes. The cedar boxes look good and they nicely store away in a drawer or cabinet. It is good to have a Soft Arkansas (medium) along with one of the finish stones (Xtra-fine) Black or Translucent Arkansas to razor out your knives. 6" to 12" are the best sizes.

 Always use Premium Honing Oil with your sharpening stones. The Honing Oil keeps your stones wet and provides a smooth finish of your blade. Premium Honing Oil will not clog the pores of your sharpening Stone.
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